1250m2 - Water Activities and Fitness Spaces

Olympic Swimming Pool Facilities

Olympic swimming pool

The Olympic swimming pool can accommodate almost all sports water (Swimming, synchronised swimming, water polo, triathlon, etc … ) for competitions and training for sports stays.

It also boasts a fitness room where perform cardiovascular and muscle training in fixed stations and free weight.

A new funtional training room of 130m2.

In two activities rooms, multitude of choreographed activities fun and enjoyable working the cardiorespiratory, muscular strength or elasticity can be.

The cycling room is specially designed to exercise on a stationary bike in legs and resistance force. The Olympic-size pool aims to offer a global service so that athletes can maintain their workout routines during their stay.

Characteristics and additional areas:

  • Olympic swimming pool of 50 m long and 25 wide with mobile glass of 9 m. Minimum depth 2 mts and maximum depth 3 mts
  • 2 individual dressing rooms 2 changing rooms for groups
  • 430 m stations Matrix cardiovascular, muscle and free weight fitness room.
  • 3 activities halls.
  • 1 room of cycling.
  • 1 funtional training room of 130m2
  • Fully-accessible facility for persons of reduced mobility.